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Attention > All Bistros, B&B's, Boutiques and Restaurants . . .and other businesses affiliated with Texas Wineries

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  • Get more sales and traffic to your business by offering stars and rewards to passport holders. Wherever they earn "stars", they can redeem them at your place of business.
  • As a stakeholder in the Texas wine industry, get marketing and promotional support when you offer benefits, discounts, and rewards for anyone holding a Texas passport.
  • Join a large network of wineries and businesses who value one another and understand that "the wellbeing of each one is tied to the wellbeing of all”. 
  • Stay informed and involved with the industry and best practices!
Imagine the harvest season where people are driving up to your business because you've offered rewards and they've come to collect.

Maybe you have more customers than you know what to do with; maybe you are chatting more with people about what wineries they visited and what they enjoyed; perhaps the way you engage with them makes them promise to return.

As an affiliate you can purchase passports to distribute, subscribe to our newsletters, and offer incentives for people to visit your business.

Whatever transpires, you will benefit from your connection with the Witness Texas ™ Passport Program through more customers, more sales, and more story-sharing around what it means to be in Texas wine country... 

"Thanks for coming out with a real physical "PASSPORT". We still have people bring in the old Texas Dept. of Agriculture one...they like to collect the stamps...Great job - thanks."

Cord Switzer, Fredricksburg Winery
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